Ja Morant has been making the rounds around the NBA in the past couple of days. The Memphis Grizzlies' young star was once again involved in controversy due to another gun incident. 

He's now suspended from all team activities while the league makes a final decision on his case, but that hasn't changed anything for Morant and his fans. A big proof of that is that his new Ja 1 "Hunger" colorway debuted today and, in just a matter of minutes, was sold out. 

"Nike might not be distancing itself from Ja Morant over his recent gun-flashing incident after all -- the shoe giant just released his latest signature sneaker on Thursday ... and it sold out in minutes," per TMZ Sports

Morant's relationship with Ja appeared to be flaking after his most recent gun controversy. The company removed every Ja shoe from its official app, sparking a lot of reactions around the league. 

With this success, it's hard to see Nike cutting ties with the 2022 MIP award winner. However, it's not clear when they will release another shoe and if they will keep working with the point guard. 

Ja Morant Shared A Series Of Controversial Stories On Instagram 

Meanwhile, Ja keeps making a lot of noise around the league and on Wednesday, he set the alarm for plenty of people, sharing a series of worrisome Instagram stories that made fans think of the worst.

Fortunately, he clarified that he was just taking a break from social media after the police did a welfare check at his house. Now, the journey for him begins, as Ja wants to set an example in the NBA following a tumultuous season.  

The Memphis Grizzlies expect him to be his best version on and off the court as they try to change the culture. If Ja can make this change and get things back on track, Memphis will be a threat in the West again.

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